Crowds celebrate outside the FIFA Coins

Crowds celebrate outside the £1million home of FIFA Coins Jamie Vardy after Leicester City win the English Premier League for the first time last week, and the party continued after the Everton game last weekHundreds of supporters then congregated outside Vardy’s home to cheer on their heroes, accompanied by drivers who beeped their horns in celebration after the final whistle.

Some parties in Leicester’s city centre even spilled out onto the streets as supporters could not hide their delight.Leicester had been rank outsiders after narrowly avoiding relegation last season, and barely a year ago were bottom of the league, but the ‘David’ club beat the Goliaths of English football in one of the most unlikely triumphs ever seen in world sport.

To put their title win into context, bookmakers were offering shorter odds for Elvis to be found alive and well and even for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be crowned the winner of Big Brother than the price for Leicester to top the Premier League come the end of the season

.But a draw between their last remaining rivals Tottenham and Cheap FUT Coins last year’s champions Chelsea made it mathematically impossible for anyone to stop their dream from becoming a reality. One fan could be seen hugging a statue on this famous landmark (right) while others try to climb above the crowds surrounding. (0)

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