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My close friend and longtime NFL assistant coach Mike Heimerdinger passed away from cancer in 2011. His family holds an annual charity golf tournament in Nashville in his honor.Dinger, as he was known, was a NBA Live 18 Coins longtime Titans offensive coordinator. He also had been Cutler’s quarterback coach in.

Denver in 2007, so Cutler was invited to play as a celebrity in the tournament a few years ago.I have helped the family with PR and media relations for the tournament. One of my duties the year Cutler came was to help set up media interviews with the celebs.Now, it was nice that Cutler wanted to support the.

Heimerdinger family and the benefiting charity. But it wasn’t a huge imposition since he’s a Vanderbilt grad. He often returns to Nashville.There was a dinner and reception the night before the tournament with sponsors and golfers who paid to participate. I did not see Cutler in attendance.

Then prior to the start of the tournament, media folks interviewed the celebs, all of whom were nice and cooperative, except for … guess who.Cutler was nowhere to be found.Mike Shanahan, Jeff Fisher, Brandon Marshall and many former Titans players talked about Dinger and how happy they were to support the event.

They mingled with the sponsors and golfers.Not Cutler.As more media requests came in for Cutler, I searched the area and found him essentially hiding in the parking lot. When I told him there were several media requests to interview him, he gruffly said doing interviews was not part of the Buy NBA 2K18 MT deal.

I told Cutler he could steer the interviews toward Dinger and away from football talk. He reluctantly did one TV interview before he again disappeared until tee time.Cutler’s behavior that day was unprofessional, but based on his reputation, I should not have been surprised.The irony now is he will be working in the media business, likely with some of the same people he treated so poorly over the years.I pity Kevin Burkhardt. (2)

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