Throw in the tremendous to NBA Live Coins

Throw in the tremendous pressure defense — you can count the number of times he was smushed on a high pick-and-roll on one finger — and it’s NBA Live Coins clear Schroeder’s impact went far beyond his somewhat pedestrian numbers. I honestly thought about putting him No. 1, but he’ll settle for this spot.4. Victor Oladipo.


No. 2, MagicThe highest 2013 draft pick at Summer League handled the difficult responsibility of playing point guard well. He averaged 19 points and five assists, hit a game-winner, nailed his jumpers and generally maintained the same level of aggression he showed at Indiana despite the position change.


The only reason he’s down at 4 is that he struggled with turnovers and simple things like entry passes to the elbows in HORNS sets. That’s to be expected, though, given the unfamiliarity with the position. It’ll be interesting to see if him playing point guard was a real experiment or just a way to get him thinking about seeing the whole court as a shooting guard.5.


Reggie Bullock, No. 25, ClippersSo damn smooth, to the point where I was asking around wondering how he slipped to No. 25. One executive’s theory was the teams in front of the Clippers were shooting for stars and felt they were set on the wings, but the Bulls, Pacers, Knicks, Bucks and Cavaliers all took different wings ahead of Bullock.


Maybe they felt like Bullock was more one-dimensional than the guys they took, which may be true in the end. But boy, Bullock may have been the most impressive shooter in Vegas.THE COMBO GUARDS THAT THRIVED6. C.J. McCollum, No. 10, BlazersMcCollum was second to Dwight Buycks in scoring in Las Vegas, so why is he below the top tier in my rankings?


Mostly because I don’t think he was especially great in other areas of the game. He did not shoot especially well despite his scoring binges, and I thought his passing instincts were a little weak. Here’s one example where he didn’t think to swing the ball to the open shooter in the corner. He also forced shots, such as Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins here against to (5)

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