He’s extremely inconsistent to NBA Live Mobile Coins

He’s extremely inconsistent beyond the arc — his three-point percentage dropped from 45 percent in 2013-14 to 27 percent last season — and NBA Live Mobile Coins has never made it a big part of his game. Historically, he’s made just enough to keep defenders honest towards his complement of other skills.Memphis already has a strong starting point guard in Conley, so


Udrih can stick to his role playing 15-20 minutes a night off the bench next season. It’s probably where he belongs at this point after being a starter with the Sacramento Kings earlier in his career. At an affordable price, it makes sense that the Grizzlies would want him back. Bucks deny reports of Kidd taking over


GM roleThe Milwaukee Bucks have denied a report that head coach Jason Kidd is taking over the general manager role from longtime executive John Hammond. Jake Suski, a team spokesperson, says the news is “unequivocally not true” and that “our owners are extremely happy with the team we have in place and the tremendous strides we’re making,” per the AP’s Jon Krawcznyski.Team executive Alexander Lasry has also denied the move:


On Sunday, a Milwaukee-based magazine reported that Kidd would be named GM of the Bucks this week, taking over for Hammond in addition to his role on the bench. The report says an announcement is set for July 10, although “it could be delayed until the entire Hammond situation was ironed out.”Kidd joined the


Bucks last year after a failed power play in Brooklyn, where he tried to NBA Live 18 Coins take over basketball operations of the Nets after a year as head coach. Ownership didn’t follow the plan, siding with GM Billy King, and traded Kidd’s contract to Milwaukee before hiring Lionel Hollins.So there’s recent precedent of. (0)

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